Bruno AR

All words are from the Baha’i prayers revealed by Bahá’u’lláh and Abdu’l-Bahá with the exception of some chorus lines in the opening unity prayer, track #1, "O mon Dieu! O mon Dieu! Unis les coeurs", which are words from an ancient Malagasy proverb about unity of humankind.

This album was recorded and produced by Pierre Tremblay (Québec, Canada)

All music was composed by Bruno AR (Bruno Alain Randimbiarison)  with the exception of track #15 , "O Toi dont le visage est l'objet de mon adoration", the piano intro was composed by François Patenaude. 

New Album

DISCOGRAPHY: " The Celestial Mosaic Project"

Project coordinators: Bob LeBlanc, Louise Profeit-LeBlanc, Pierre Tremblay, Verna 

                                          Lindstrom, Allison Wood, Bruno A. Randimbiarison (Bruno AR)

Arrangements: Bruno AR, Pierre Tremblay, François Patenaude

Vocals:   Bruno AR, Allison Wood, Milook Aqiqi, Maggy Razafimbahiny,   
                Henri  Roger Ranaivoson, Rachel Tremblay, Tuesday Rain
                Leduc, Lien Tremblay, Arianita Barrera, Hans Barrera

​Keyboard:  All tracks played by François Patenaude except for track #3, 
                   "Ny  anaranao no fahasitranako" is played by Ben Michel

Acoustic guitar:  Bruno AR, Pierre Tremblay

Lead guitar:  Pierre Tremblay 

Bass guitar:  Christian Plouffe, Pierre Tremblay

Drums:  Pierre Tremblay, except for track #14, "Crete in me a pure heart" is

                played by Patrick Marshall

Percussion:  Dona Seleger (Fanfan), Patrick Marshall

Saxophone:  Thomas Sabourin

Violin:  Jasmine Michel

Flute:  Kasia Czarski-Jachimowicz

CD Cover Design: Design Matters, Wakefield, Quebec, Canada

Web Design: Bruno A. Randimbiarison, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada